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Class of April 24

Hello Everyone,

If you missed last week, we reviewed the practice exam up to about question 35. The homework is to do as much of the exam as you can, looking up and recording the references for each question.

This week we will continue the review and get as far as we can. If you don’t have a copy of the exam, you can find it here:

TP13014E – English version

TP13014F – en français

See you Tuesday!


September 19, 2017

Hello All,

Same time, same place, for the PSTAR.

50 questions, 60 minutes. 1:12 per question. Although I would recommend taking one minute per question so you’re sure to finish. (And you can use the extra 10 minutes to go back and look at questions you skipped, or just make sure your x is in the right box.)

See you soon,