CPL/IFR Seminar 6: Pilot Workload


Does a pilot’s workload change during flight?

  1. If so, where is it highest? Lowest?

  2. Is it higher in a turn than in straight and level flight?

  3. Is it lower if the airplane is in equilibrium?


Can a pilot do more than one thing at a time?

  1. What about flare and touchdown in a crosswind?

  2. Why is it easier to remember song lyrics if you sing the tune? Or, why did the ancient bards sing? Two hemispheres. Lyrics and music. Reason and instinct. (Is instinct a Direct To between brain and body?)


What kind of pilot are we?

  1. Are we good pilots and not-so-good pilots? Or, is our piloting skill static?

  2. If it is, why do we need Recency? CAR 401.05 Mise à jour des connaissances? RAC 401.05

  3. Can we master new skills by practicing in flight?

  4. Can we master new skills on the ground between flights? (Two hemispheres. Reason and instinct.)


What happens when we ask too much of ourselves?

  1. Are the symptoms of overload the same for all pilots?

  2. Can we operate at 100% capacity when we are overloaded? IQ 200?

  3. What is a pilot’s strategy to deal with (inevitable) overload? Aviate, Navigate, Communicate?

  4. What is a pilot’s strategy to avoid overload? Le ménage. Housekeeping. Steady work.

  5. Where and when should housekeeping chores be done, as much as possible?


How do we recover from overload?

  1. How do we reduce our workload?

  2. Are there physical changes when we are stressed?

  3. How can we recover physically?


    4. How do we keep Cruise Flight as a low workload phase? Or, how do we not work too hard?