Why should you have a record of the route you filed?

In September 2019 I filed and flew and IFR flight CYHU to CYND at 4000 feet. I filed the mandatory route KESKA ALSET THURO, but I noticed that the route cuts through the middle of CYA 524(S), which is the Hawkesbury Glider area, surface to 7000 feet.

We were kept on vectors for most of the flight, as ATC steered us around CYA 524. Recall that ATC cannot not clear us into a CYA.

In October I filed and flew the same flight. In order to clear CYA 524, I filed DUNUP BOBKI THURO, which (just barely) clears CYA 524.

I was lucky. I filed the night before, and in the morning I looked at the CFPS site again. The route had been changed to KESKA ALSET THURO. I changed the route back on my flight log.

We read back our clearance: “Cleared to the CYND airport via the CYHU Six Departure, as filed . . .”

Once again, we were vectored for most of the trip, and finally given Direct THURO. Our track was almost exactly what I had originally filed – DUNUP BOBKI THURO.

I remembered all that this week. At 1400 Tuesday I used CFPS to file CYHU to CYND via DUNUP BOBKI THURO. Departure was to be 0800 Wednesday. There were dotted red lines under the route.

At 1651 Tuesday I checked the filed route.

I was not informed of this change back to the mandatory route.

Of course I then cancelled the flight plan.

Had I read back an as filed clearance and then proceded to DUNUP, I would have busted my clearance for a certain CADORS and probable fine. I would have put my license on the line.

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