Finding a Preferred Route and Filing with is a free, web-based app I have been using for years. When CFPS was introduced, there was a brief period when flight plans filed through had a tendency to disappear. That appears to have been rectified, most likely because of pilot pushback, and has been, in my experience, trouble-free in 2020.

Follow me through as I file a flight plan on the site:

The app has done research and presented me with a list of Mandatory Nav Canada initial Route portions. Clicking on the information balloon reminds me that my initial routing should include one of the mandatory route(s) or route segment(s) listed below. Thank you.

You can see I am ignoring the advice and going for my Own Route. More on that later. automatically produces a complete flight log page:

You could easily print out this page and use it as is. I use my own flight log form, but only because I want more space to write OOOI (Out Off On In) times, and clearances, etc. I print out the FltPlan log and bring it as well, as a secondary source of all the information I will need.

You can see the Save button at top right. Then hit the back button to go to the main page:

The flight plan is at the top, with yellow highlight. To file, I click the file box and then the green Press Here When Done button.

That’s it! Two hours before the flight, files the flight plan, and sends me an email confirming that it has done so.

When a flight plan went missing last year (it was not a preferred/mandatory route issue) I had the confirming email so I knew it was a Nav Canada processing issue. I continued VFR with Flight Following.