CPL/IFR Seminar 14: Preparing for an IFR Flight

Today we will plan two flights: (we will use them next week as well, in IFR Clearances)

  1. CHYU to CYND
  2. CYHU to CYQB

What do you need to fly an IFR Flight?

  • A route
  • A way to fly (navigate) the route

How do I choose a route?

  1. Is there a preferred route? How do I find out? CFS? Other?
  2. Is that route appropriate for single-engine flight?
  3. Are there restricted areas or Military Operations Areas (MOA) that I have to avoid?
  4. Is the route in a mountainous area? If so, how does that affect the MEA?
  5. Is the route over water? If so, what regulations apply? How do I handle being over water in a single-engine airplane?
  6. This is Canada. Do I have a choice about flying over unpopulated areas? What regulations apply?

How will I File the Flight Plan?

  1. How will I find the pertinent NOTAMs? CFPS? Other?
  2. Did I file a preferred route? Is it mandatory to do so?
  3. How will I keep a record of the route I have filed? Why do I need to?

What Information do I need to fly this route?

  1. Waypoints and airways, or all waypoints?
  2. What altitudes do I have to know? Where do I find them?
  3. What do I have to know about airports? Approaches? SIDs? STARs?
  4. Exact record of filed route? Why?
  5. Have you flown this route before? Did you keep a record of how you were cleared before?

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  6. Why should you have a record of the route you filed?