CPL/IFR Webinars

What is a Seminar?

The dictionary definition of seminar begins: a group of advanced students studying a subject . . . and all exchanging results of their research . . .

The Socratic Method is based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying assumptions.

The CPL/IFR webinars will use video conferencing to share these questions and answers.

Webinars List

  1. Why attitude flying?

  2. What is a stabilized approach?

  3. How does an airplane turn?

  4. What is a good circuit?

  5. How do you do a successful forced landing?

  6. How does a pilot manage tasks to avoid overload?

  7. How does a pilot manage Cruise Flight for accuracy and low workload?

  8. How do you fly an airplane on instruments?

  9. What is flying by the numbers?

  10. What is track steering?

  11. How do you transition to a new type?

  12. How do you manage risk?

  13. How do you plan an IFR flight?

  14. How do you prepare for an IFR flight?

  15. What is an IFR clearance?

  16. How do you brief and fly a departure?

  17. How do you brief and fly an approach?

  18. What do you do when you see the runway?

  19. How do you manage cruise flight and plan a descent?

  20. What should you know about the missed approach?

  21. What are the essentials of holding?