Review 1

  1. The wind is 270/13G20. You elect to land on:
      1. Runway 06 with a gusting right crosswind
      2. Runway 24 with a gusting right crosswind
      3. Runway 06 with a gusting left crosswind
      4. Runway 24 with a gusting left crosswind
  2. You want to be able to turn quickly, while pulling the minimum amount of G. You:
      1. Use maximum bank
      2. Use rudder to induce a skidding turn
      3. Slow down
      4. Use a slipping turn
  1. Pick the most accurate statement(s):
      1. Stall speed does not change with altitude
      2. Stall speed changes with G
      3. The airplane always stalls at the same Angle of Attack
      4. 2) and 3)
  2. Accelerate North, Decelerate South refers to:
      1. Magnetic Compass northerly turning error
      2. Gyro Compass northerly turning error
      3. Magnetic Compass error while heading east or west
      4. Magnetic Variation
  1. Extending the Fowler Flaps on the C-172:
      1. Lower the stalling speed
      2. Lower the pitch attitude at the same angle of attack
      3. Increase lift and Drag
      4. All of the above
  1. The use of Carb Heat will:
      1. Lean the mixture
      2. Make the mixture richer
      3. Eliminate Carb ice after the engine starts to run rough
      4. Make sure the intake air goes through the filter