Air Law 1

  1.    In addition to registration and insurance papers, an airplane needs:

a) A radio license and a proof of ownership.

b) A Certificate of Navigation and an Airworthiness Certificate

c) Annual maintenance and an Airworthiness Certificate

d) A Certificate of Navigation and a radio license

2.   You are in the circuit and number one to land. Another airplane cuts you off. You should:

a) Try to overtake him

b) Get on the radio and tell him a thing or two

c) Take action to avoid a collision

d) Write a letter to your Member of Parliament

3.   After landing, taxi-in, and shutdown, the mayor of the municipality presents herself and asks to see your aviation document. You should:

a) hand it over because you are polite

b) tell her you can only surrender it to an accident investigator or a judge

c) tell her only the Minister of Transport or the Prime Minister gets to see your Aviation Document

d) politely explain that only an immigration officer, a peace officer, or the Minister of Transport can ask to see your Aviation Document

4.   The wind is from 240° Magnetic at 15, gusting to 20. Your takeoff speed is 60. Your airport has three runways. You choose:

a) Runway 02

b) Runway 24, so your groundspeed at liftoff will be 45

c) Runway 24, so your groundspeed at liftoff will be 75

d) Runway 06, so your groundspeed at liftoff will be 75

5.   As you line up on the runway you see three arrows in line, a line across the runway, and then the runway numbers. You should:

a) Taxi up to the runway numbers before starting takeoff

b) Choose a different runway

c) Remember that when you land, you should not touch down before the runway numbers

d) Taxi to the opposite end of the runway and take off in the opposite direction

6.   Taxiing out for takeoff, you see a sign beside the taxiway which says: B 06-24. The B is yellow on a black background. The 06-24 is white on a red background. Seeing the sign, you know that:

a) You are near runway 06, and runway 24 is the next one over

b) You are on taxiway B, and taxiway 06 is the next intersection

c) You are on taxiway B, and the hold-short line for runway 06-24 is coming up

d) The Bruins lost, 24 to 6