Aerodynamics 2 – Stability

  1.    A model for neutral static stability is:
    1.  A marble in a bowl
    2.  A cone standing on its base
    3.  A cone balanced on its tip
    4.  A marble on a table top
  2.    If an airplane in equilibrium is disturbed about an axis, positive dynamic stability means that:
    1.  The airplane will return to the initial attitude
    2.  The oscillations about that axis are divergent
    3.  The oscillations about that axis will decay
    4.  The airplane will remain in the new attitude
  3.    A dart is directionally stable because its:
    1.  Center of Mass flies ahead of its tail feathers
    2.  Center of Gravity is behind its Center of Lift
    3.  Moment of Inertia is larger than its mass
    4.  Induction is less than its capacitance
  4.    An airplane can be made directionally stable by:
    1.  Placing more vertical area aft of the Center of Gravity
    2.  Giving the wing leading edges some sweepback
    3.  Both of the above
    4.  None of the above
  5.    An airplane can be designed to be stable longitudinally by:
    1.  Placing the C of G aft of the C of L
    2.  Placing the C of G forward of the C of L
    3.  Having the horizontal tail produce a downforce
    4.  b) and c)
  6.    An aircraft flying with a C of G aft of the limit will:
    1.  Be heavy on the controls
    2.  Possibly be unstable in pitch
    3.  Use more fuel
    4.  None of the above