Flight Instruments 1

  1.    The top of the white arc on the airspeed indicator is:
    1. The maneuvering speed, VA
    2. The flaps down stalling speed, VSO
    3. The maximum speed with flaps extended, VFE
    4. The never exceed speed, VNE
  2.    The Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) senses change in the ________ pressure by using a ______ and a _________ .
    1. Dynamic; gyro; bellows
    2. Static; diaphragm; calibrated leak
    3. Static; aneroid wafer; linkage
    4. Dynamic; diaphragm; aneroid wafer
  3.    The altimeter’s big hand is on the 4, the small hand is between the 3 and the 4. The very small hand is just above zero. The altimeter reads:
    1. 340 feet
    2. 3400 feet
    3. 34,000 feet
    4. None of the above
  4.    For light airplanes flying in the altimeter setting region in Canada, the altimeter reads height in feet above:
    1. Mean Sea Level
    2. The airport
    3. Ground level
    4. The Standard Datum Plane
  5.    The Artificial Horizon (AH) uses a ______ gyro and its property of ________.
    1. Horizontal; rigidity in space
    2. Vertical; rigidity in space
    3. Horizontal; precession
    4. Vertical; precession
  6.    The Artificial Horizon’s usefulness and its errors both arise from:
    1. Precession, which acts 90° later in the rotation
    2. Friction in the gimbals
    3. The fact that its gyro has two degrees of freedom
    4. The fact that it erects to the G vector