Meteorology 1

  1. The primary cause of global air movement is:
      1. The rotation of the Earth
      2. Atmospheric instability
      3. Uneven heating
      4. Coriolis Force
  2. Heated air rises because:
      1. It is at a lower pressure than the surrounding air
      2. It is less dense than the surrounding air
      3. Its higher pressure pushes the surrounding air out of the way
      4. None of the above
  1. When heated air rises, it leaves behind a parcel of _______ pressure. Air from surrounding areas of __________ pressure moves in to take the place of the _________ air. We experience this movement as ________.
      1. Low, higher, sinking, weather
      2. Low, higher, rising, wind
      3. Higher, lower, rising, wind
      4. Higher, lower, sinking, weather
  1. Barometric altimetry relies solely on _________ . We calibrate the altimeter for changes in atmospheric ___________ by using the __________ .
      1. Density, density, altimeter setting
      2. Pressure, pressure, altimeter setting
      3. Pressure ratio, temperature, correction charts
      4. Pressure, pressure, correction charts
  1. The most dense air for takeoff is:
      1. Cold, dry air at Denver
      2. Cold, humid air at Montreal
      3. Warm, dry air at Montreal
      4. Cold, dry air at Montreal
  1. Bonus question: When flying from a warm air mass into a cold air mass at a constant indicated altitude, the aircraft’s true altitude will be __________ . You can correct for this by flying at a _______ indicated altitude. *** Clue: the tropopause is ________ at the poles ***
      1. Decreasing, higher, lower
      2. Increasing, lower, higher
      3. Increasing, lower, lower
      4. Decreasing, higher, higher