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Class of May 23, 2017

Hello everyone,

This week we’ll start with the quiz AIR LAW 1 to review what we did last week.


Then we’ll take a break from regulations and do the first class in Airframes and Systems. So many of you are already flying that it is time to talk about some of these systems in class.

See you tomorrow!


Class of April, 2017 – Welcome!

Hello Everyone,

It was great to meet you all two weeks ago. I am looking forward to seeing you again on Tuesday.
We’ll start with a quiz on the material you have been learning with Tarek. If you want to look at it ahead of time, please do – it’s right here on the site under Chris’Quizzes – Aerodynamics 1.
The quiz will be a regular feature. We’ll spend twenty minutes at the start of class finding the answers by consensus.
Then we’ll move on to the new material – this week, regulations: the CARS. I hope you all have the CARS Index Page bookmarked.
See you Tuesday,

Quiz for Class October 11

Hello Class of 2016-2017: Maxime, Niyazali, Douglas, Paul, Ella, Benjamin, Sylvain, and Pierre,

This week I am starting a new series of pages, featuring the class quizzes. These will be available (hopefully) a few days before the class. You will find them under Chris’s Quizzes.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and see you Tuesday!


Last Class May 3

Greetings Class of 2016,

We are ready for graduation!

Of course, there is the dreaded final exam. We will do the exam in class on May 3. But fear not: it will be open book! If you have a Pratt laptop that can receive the internet, bring it along so you can go to your (bookmarked) CARS Index Page. If you have notes, bring them and use them. I’ll have copies of the AIM in English and French available as reference.

The downside is there is a time limit: 1 hour 20 minutes. There are 100 questions on the exam, but we will do only the first 80 in that 1:20, so that’s 1 minute per question.

Then we’ll take a break while I mark the exams. After break, we’ll do the flight planning together and answer the remaining 20 questions.

That’s the basic outline of the class. Is there time pressure? Big time! But we’ll do the best we can. And at the end of class I’ll give you a sheet with the references for the questions, and commentaries on some of them. Then (hopefully) I’ll get all that up on the site.

Suggestions for April 19 Class

Hello, Class of 2015-16

A reminder that we are meeting a week from today (Apr 19) to review topics of your choosing.

Patrice has suggested we go over what has to happen before you can go solo. That’s a good idea, and one of the hurdles is passing the PSTAR (90% corrected to 100%).

The first reference for PSTAR is TP11919EN, Student Pilot reference guide, et TP11919F en français.

I just bought a Transport Canada approved app for iPhone for studying for the PSTAR. It is the PSTAR Exam APP et c’est bilingue.

Moving on to the PPL exam , the reference is TP12880E or TP12880F.

For practice exams online, see, among others.

I’ll make sure we have plenty of topics to discuss next week, but now is your chance for requests.

See you next Tuesday,


Review Sessions

Hello Classmates,

I have posted the answer sheets on the site. You will find different methods there – i.e. Interpolation vs. Worst case (conservative). You will probably also find mistakes.

To formalize it: we have decided together to have two more sessions:

April 19: Review of topics you submit

May 3: Private Pilot Flight Test practice

Here are a few answers and links re questions from last night:

  • Standard Rate Turns: 3 degrees per second, one minute for 180°, two minutes for 360°. A quick formula is Bank Angle = TAS/10 + 5. Another resource on the subject is here.
  • For your study and review, consult TP880E, Study and Reference Guide for PPL
  • The Flight Test Guide for the Private Pilot Licence (TP 13723E) sections Admission to a Flight Test, and Letters of Recommendation, are worth looking at.
  • Fuel reserve requirements for VFR flight are in CAR 602.88(3): 30 minutes day, 45 minutes night.
  • Merryn: Written examinations are good for two years: ref CAR400.03. The requirements for the written and flight tests are in CAR 421.13 and CAR 421.14.
  • Louis: requirements for your Flight Review are found in CAR 401.05 and CAR 421.05.

As we discussed last night, please feel free to email me ( with questions from your study and suggestions for our review session April 19.