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In accordance with Quebec and Transport Canada guidelines for non-essential enterprises, Aéroclub de Longueuil will remain closed until further notice.

The good news is that following a meeting of the club directors on Saturday, May 2, procedures relative to COVID-19 will be developed and readied for approval by Transport Canada. In this way the club can more rapidly return to normal once flight schools have permission to re-open.


Conformément aux conseils du Gouvernement du Québec et Transport Canada pour les entreprises non essentielles, Aéroclub de Longueuil sera fermé jusqu’au nouvel ordre.

La bonne nouvelle c’est que, suite au réunion de la direction du club samedi 02 mai, des procédures pour le COVID vont être préparées pour vérification par Transport Canada. De cette façon l’ouverture du club sera plus rapide une fois les Unités de Formation au Pilotage auront la permission.

Closed/Fermé jusqu’au 4 mai

Extension of Closure

Following today’s guidelines from the Government of Quebec, Aéroclub de Longueuil will extend its shutdown until May.

May 4 will be the earliest date to resume flights.

Prolongation de Fermeture

Selon les conseils du gouvernement du Quebec, on va prolonger la fermeture de l’Aéroclub de Longueuil jusqu’au mois de mai.

Donc le 4 mai sera le plus tôt pour réserver un vol.

Still Learning to Fly – Mission Statement


A new website?

I am about to start teaching flying again, and I recognize what a co-operative venture that is. Any teaching involves learning, and vice-versa. The classroom and the cockpit are venues where minds, styles, and experiences come together for the benefit of all.

From a practical point of view, there is a lot of material to be exchanged, modified, and discussed.


I have 19,000 hours of flying and 3500 hours of instruction. Many brave pilots who taught me have retired. Some have already passed on, taking their experience with them. The apprenticeship system that I enjoyed is in retreat. I am concerned that a lot of knowledge essential to aviation safety may get lost.


A WordPress site can accept content from any number of users. The plan is to invite students to be Authors on the site, so they can post blogs on the aviation subjects – licences or ratings – they are working on or have completed.

Further on, we can incorporate the plug-in BuddyPress so the site becomes a specialized social network, allowing sub-groups, discussion, and private messages, à la FaceBook.

Even further out, perhaps a Wiki capability could be added, so that co-operatively the group could build and maintain a library of aviation-related knowledge.

I invite your comments.