Airline Admission Prep Course

11 October 2021


Why an Airline Admission Prep Course?

  • Bridge between Flight School and Airline
  • Goals of each of the participants
    • Newly-rated pilot
    • Flight School
    • Airline
    • This Professional Pilot Course

You mean after all this there is more to learn?

  • Yes, but that’s a feature!
  • Continuous learning is the key to success in any Trade or Profession
  • Once you relax and make the effort, learning is immensely satisfying
  • There are no exams. The proof is in using the course techniques in the airplane, and success in the Interview and the Simulator at the airline
  • The name of the course, and the website, is STILLLEARNINGTOFLY.

What are we going to learn?

  • Piloting techniques that will improve your accuracy and confidence
  • How to learn a new airplane
  • What is involved with flying an airplane:
    • Faster
    • Higher
    • Heavier
  • How to successfully integrate your piloting skills with automation:
    • Flight Director
    • Autopilot
    • AutoThrust
    • FMGC – Flight Management and Guidance Systems
    • Other automated systems (e.g. Autobrake)
  • How to deal with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
    • Why have SOP’s?
    • The Second Commandment: Thou shalt do it the same way every time
    • Working with another pilot (your Sim Ride my be your first time!)
  • How to study accidents (hint: it’s not to say That could never happen to me)
  • In sum, we’re going to:
    • Let you know what to expect at the airline
    • Give you the background and the why? for what you’re going to learn there
    • Give you the hooks to hang that knowledge on
    • Prepare and motivate you for successful career-long learning

How is the Course Going to Work?

  • The classes will be seminars because the participants are all graduates with CPL, ME, and IFR
  • The classes will begin as sessions on ZOOM
  • Study and Reference Material will be emailed to participants
  • COVID permitting, as the program develops the sessions may be moved to an in-person venue in the Montreal area.
  • Piloting Techniques will be practiced in C-FQRV, a 1961 N-35 Bonanza

What is a Seminar?

  • The dictionary definition of seminar begins: a group of advanced students studying a subject . . . and all exchanging results of their research . . .
  • The Socratic Method is based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying assumptions.