Attitude Flying

  • Closed loop
  • Feedback for every control input
  • Where to look – where must the eyes be?
  • Works for all airplanes
  • Pilot not fooled by (pitch or roll axis) moment

Flying by the Numbers

  • Know Attitude, Airspeed and Power for each phase of flight
  • Pilot always aware of equilibrium vs. Transition
  • Pilot aware if she is trimming for present or future state
  • Pilots call this staying ahead of the airplane

Track Steering

  • Available with GPS or IRS
  • Fly approach or airway with zero detectable lateral displacement
  • You’ll never fly heading again unless it’s for ATC

Navigation: GPS vs IRS

  • They work backward from each other. What?
  • GPS uses satellites to calculate position in 3D once per second
  • IRS is like your middle ear: it uses 6 accelerometers (linear and rotational in each axis) to calculate new position (and attitude) from previous position (and attitude).
  • Newton, the Laws of Motion, and the Calculus
  • What is the Flight Path Vector (FPV)?