About Chris and his Teachers

Yeah, I’m old. But hey – so is my Bonanza!


I soloed in 1966. I instructed in California and St. Hubert from 1970 to 1973. I flew for Air Canada from 1973 to 2004.

I have had many mentors and teachers over the years.  Since I retired from Air Canada four in particular have taught me a lot. They are all valued friends and I am still learning from those who are still with us.

PPLAcftSys006Dan got me my very first aviation job: teaching Ground School at United Flight Services in Watsonville, CA. He mentored me throughout my time flying and teaching there. Recently he received a prestigious and well-deserved award from the FAA. Fifty years of safe operations!

Dan passed away peacefully at home April 21, 2016. Rest in peace, Dan.

I met Larry at Air Canada in 1977. He was Captain and I was First Officer on the B-727. Here he is more recently after his first flight in his Hornet Moth.


He’s saying, “Yup,  I survived the world’s worst-handling airplane.”

I am sorry to say we lost Larry on July 17, 2018. He was a mentor and a good friend, and he is sorely missed.

I met Mark through his writing and we corresponded for a year or two. I finally met him in Reno in January, 2015.


Are we talking about flying, or what?

Mark has done more different things in aviation than anyone I know. He has ferried light aircraft all over the world. He has been a NASA test pilot, run a general aviation distributorship, and founded an aviation law firm with offices in three cities. More recently he ran a ferry and flight test company, flying virtually every airliner, and helping airlines worldwide introduce new types.

My Class 2 Instructor Rating expired August 1, 1973. I worked with Andrew for two years to re-qualify. He is a Class 1 Instructor, which means he can teach other instructors. He has flown many types, including a variety of jets. People seek him out for help in learning how to fly a new type.

He is the only person I know who, with his father, Tim, and his son, Eric, has performed as part of a three-generation formation aerobatics team. Did I mention that he is also a Class 1 Aerobatics Instructor?

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 1.13.30 PM

He also likes to pull G’s upside down.