Announcing the Airline Admission Preparation Course

Updated 11 October 2021

For Whom? is launching a new Airline Admission Preparation Course. This course is for pilots who have completed their Canadian Commercial Licence with Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings and who are aiming for an airline career.

The course is a bridge between Flight School Graduation and the Interview and Simulator Check at the airline.


The newly-rated pilot wants to be hired by the airline of her choice. The Flight School wants to help that happen for its graduates. The Airline wants candidates who have the poise and confidence to pass their checks and move on to the admission courses and a successful career at the airline. Still Learning to Fly wants to pass on to the next generation of airline pilots the knowledge and experience of pilots who have had airline careers or military flying careers or both.

How is the Course Going to Work?

  • The classes will be seminars because the participants are all graduates with CPL, ME, and IFR
  • The classes will begin as sessions on ZOOM
  • Study and Reference Material will be emailed to participants
  • COVID permitting, as the program develops the sessions may be moved to an in-person venue in the Montreal area.
  • Piloting Techniques will be practiced in C-FQRV, a 1961 N-35 Bonanza

What is a Seminar?

  • The dictionary definition of seminar begins: a group of advanced students studying a subject . . . and all exchanging results of their research . . .
  • The Socratic Method is based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying assumptions.


Chris’s Bonanza, C-FQRV, is equipped with an Aspen P1000-Pro Primary Flight Display, a Garmin GTN-650 WAAS GPS, and a JPI EDM-830 Engine Display. It is an ideal platform for practicing the piloting techniques taught in the course, which will enable candidates to transition smoothly from light aircraft to transport category aircraft.


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