Homework for Class Tuesday, 19 November 2019

The weather at St. Hubert (CYHU), elevation 90 feet MSL (above Mean Sea Level) is:

  • METAR CYHU 172200Z AUTO 02006KT 5SM -RA OVC014 13/10 A2993
  • Which, translated, means:
    • Weather at St. Hubert on the 17th of the month at 2200Z
    • Automatic Report
    • Wind from 020° (True) at 6 Knots
    • Visibility 5 Statute miles in light rain
    • Sky overcast at 1400 feet AGL (Above Ground Level)
    • Temperature 13, Dew Point 10
    • Altimeter Setting 29.93 in.hg. (inches of mercury)


  • Is it legal for you, a licensed Private Pilot, to fly VFR (Visual Flight Rules) in the St. Hubert Control Zone (Class B Airspace)?
  • If you did circuits at St. Hubert, at what altitude would you have to fly?

To answer these questions, use your CARS bookmark and the Index Page to find Division VI — Visual Flight Rules.

We’ll discuss the answers in class on Tuesday, and then begin Aerodynamics, Theory of Flight.

See you then!


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