Class of Monday, November 5, 2018

Hello Class of 2018,

There is a class tomorrow: Monday, November 5.

We’ll try to start the class as soon as possible after 1700, and finish around 2000-2015.

We’ll start with the quiz Aerodynamics 2 – Stability. Then we will proceed with Canadian Air Regulations 1. If you want a preview, the entire Air Law section is available on the site. Make sure you have the index page(s)  (French and English) of the CARS/RAC bookmarked on your computer so you can practice  quickly looking up any regulation – viz. CAR 421.05.

To recap:

  • Monday,  Nov 5:    Canadian Air Regulations 1
  • Tuesday, Nov 13:   Flight Instruments 2
  • Monday,  Nov 19:   To Be Determined:  either Canadian Air Regulations 2, or Human Factors

See you tomorrow, Monday, Nov 5!



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