Hello Class of 2018,

As we agreed last time, there will be no class this week (October 30). Thank you all for coming to a consensus, and for arriving last week at 1700, so those using public transport can leave before 8:15 PM. We will continue with those hours for the coming classes as long as it is convenient for you.

Also as agreed, the next class will be Monday, November 5.

As we did last week, we’ll try to start the class as soon as possible after 1700, and finish around 2000-2015.

We’ll start with the quiz Aerodynamics 2 – Stability. Then we will proceed with Canadian Air Regulations 1. If you want a preview, the entire Air Law section is available on the site. Make sure you have the index page(s)  (French and English) of the CARS/RAC bookmarked on your computer so you can practice  quickly looking up any regulation – viz. CAR 421.05.

To recap:

  • Tuesday, Oct 30:   NO CLASS
  • Monday,  Nov 5:    Canadian Air Regulations 1
  • Tuesday, Nov 13:   Flight Instruments 2
  • Monday,  Nov 19:   To Be Determined:  either Canadian Air Regulations 1, or Human Factors

See you Monday, Nov 5!


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