Class of October 23

Hello All,

As we agreed last week, we’ll try to start the class as soon as possible after 1700, and finish around 2000-2015.
We’ll start with the quiz Flight Instruments 1. Don’t worry, the first four questions are explained on the site, under Flight Instruments. If you want to take a stab at questions 5 and 6, please go ahead. You can base your answers on what you learned from experimenting with the bicycle wheel, or on your own research. In any case, we will review them in class.
Then we will proceed with Aerodynamics 2: Stability, and see the importance of this subject in the pilot’s trade.
I’d like to move the class to Monday on Oct 29 and Nov 5, and possibly Nov 19. I have personal and medical commitments. Please look at your own schedules and see if this would work, and let me know. We’ll bring it up in class and come to a conclusion. So, for now, the schedule will look like this:
  • Tuesday, Oct 23:   Aerodynamics 2: Stability
  • Monday,  Oct 29:   Canadian Air Regulations 1
  • Monday,  Nov 5:    Flight Instruments 2
  • Tuesday, Nov 13:  Canadian Air Regulations 2
  • Monday,  Nov 19:   Human Factors  (tentative, depending on weather, etc.)
See you Tuesday!

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