Class of May 23, 2017

Hello everyone,

This week we’ll start with the quiz AIR LAW 1 to review what we did last week.


Then we’ll take a break from regulations and do the first class in Airframes and Systems. So many of you are already flying that it is time to talk about some of these systems in class.

See you tomorrow!


Class of April, 2017 – Welcome!

Hello Everyone,

It was great to meet you all two weeks ago. I am looking forward to seeing you again on Tuesday.
We’ll start with a quiz on the material you have been learning with Tarek. If you want to look at it ahead of time, please do – it’s right here on the site under Chris’Quizzes – Aerodynamics 1.
The quiz will be a regular feature. We’ll spend twenty minutes at the start of class finding the answers by consensus.
Then we’ll move on to the new material – this week, regulations: the CARS. I hope you all have the CARS Index Page bookmarked.
See you Tuesday,