The CEGEP Adventure

Hello Classmates,

The class on Tuesday, December 8, was an adventure, just as most flights are.  As usual, we had a  plan.  But it  went awry immediately.

Oh, oh. Airborne and nowhere to go. The careful, reasoned, and frantic looking for possible alternates. The rapidly changing conditions. The unforeseen hazards. It made me feel right at home.

First, our destination airport, Plant 1, went zero-zero in unforecast fog. Then, as traffic and security considerations ripened, our clearance to do an approach was rescinded. We were advised that, even if the weather improved, we could not expect approach clearance in the foreseeable future. Our first idea was Tim Horton’s. And why not? Good landing facilities, parking, tables and food. And they’re everywhere. Shouldn’t be a problem.

So, intrepid, we set out for a nearby Tim’s which was known to have plenty of room. We did our night approach and (not without adventure) arrived at parking, which was, well, full. Then it was determined that all the tables were full as well.

So it was on to plan B. (Or, as one of us said, because we all had separate interesting adventures up to that point, Plan F).

The new plan: fly formation to the CEGEP, a few blocks away. Go to the atrium of the Sports Complex, where tables and chairs were known to exist.

Safely on the ground at last, we found a table. The laptop fortunately has a backup system of power and was quite content to run for the two remaining class hours.

Hey, we did it! The only glitch was that as we sat around the table, I was on one side of the laptop and Étienne was on the other, so when I changed slides I would inadvertently swivel the computer just enough so I could see the slide. And Étienne couldn’t.

Yup, it ain’t a perfect world. But it’s still a lot of fun.

Special thanks to those who were there that night.




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