Hello Classmates,

Today was the last of the Instrument Flying Seminars. It was a pleasure to meet all of you, and to learn from your questions.

I have put the slides from today’s presentation up on the site, and I will gradually add text and links to the videos we saw today.

Please send me an email occasionally as you pass another milestone in your IFR adventure. Let me know if you encountered something unexpected in either the INRAT or the rest of your IFR course. You all are alumni of the first Seminar series. Your feedback will help me improve the presentations for the next time around.

Thanks, and stay in touch,


One thought on “Survival”

  1. I am impressed, Chris. For the last few years, I had been thinking to talk to you some more. The few hours in the same cockpit and on the bykes at LA, were enjoyable enough. Are you still living in Dorval, same house where I used to go and pick you up so you could leave your car to you wife ?
    I lost my wife, Louise, last June, the big Alz. I am still self sufficient even at 87 and going. Still in my own house. I gave up flying as it was too expensive, nice to see you still on a pole.

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