No Class September 24!

For this week there is homework: finish the practice exam, get the references if you can, and make note of which questions you want to cover in class on October 1.

On VIP Pilot there are the two new Culhane books for private pilot I sent you last week (D280N and D285N).  This week there is another new one, the SharperEdge Exam Prep (D305).

I will be in Ontario this week but available by phone or text.

See you October 1!



Class of September 17, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Please bring your plotter and your E6-B to class this week. I will bring charts so we can plot the courses of the exam flights.

If you weren’t in class last week – we have begun going through the Civil Aviation Sample Examination, TP13014. Homework this week is to answer questions 1-80.

Please bring your printed copy to class so we can check answers and find references together.

See you Tuesday!


Class of September 10, 2019

Good Morning everyone,

We will begin today’s class by doing a few Weight and Balance calculations for a C172.

Then we will ask the question What is Navigation?

Finally we will go through the first 30 questions of the Civil Aviation Sample Examination TP13014:

  • finding the reference, if possible

  • agreeing on the answer, perhaps

  • discussing why that is the best answer

Please bring your printed copies of the exam.

Have a great day and see you at 1730.


Classe du 4 juin 2019

Bonjour à tous,

Devoir avant la classe: consulter les RAC, à 301.06, et répondre aux questions suivantes:
  • Est-ce que un indicateur de direction du vent est exigé à un aéroport?
  • Si oui, quel couleur
  • Forme?
  • Qu’est-ce que on doit faire avec si l’aérodrome est définitivement désaffecté?
Le quiz au debut de la classe sera Airframes, Engines, and Systems 1, trouvable sur le site sous Chris’ Quizzes.
Ensuite on va faire la première classe sur les RAC.
Note: Il y aura un examen radio la semaine du 10 juin, ou le 10 ou le 12.
Je vais distribuer le livres, etc. amèner vos carnets de cheques!
À mardi a 1730!