Purpose of CPL/IFR Seminars

Bonjour à tous,

Je voudrais vous dire que vous êtes tous de bons pilotes.

Vous avez chacun, dans l’imagination, une idée de comment vous faites la bonne exécution que vous faites. Ce n’est pas ma place de critiquer ou de vous dire que votre façon d’y penser n’est pas bien fondé. Au contraire – je vous félicite.

Instead, my role is to help you expand the range of tools you already have. I know from my experience (I first soloed in 1966) that while hours are important, they are not a guarantee that a pilot is still learning. And when I look back, I am frankly embarrassed by how much I have learned since I retired from Air Canada in 2004. Put another way, that is how much I didn’t know back then. It is a long list. It still is.

En pilotant en équipe avec d’autres pilotes, comme premier officier, commandant, ou instructeur, je suis toujours impressionné par la quantité et la variété des façons d’y penser. Ça devient évident très vite qu’il y ont bien de façons d’y penser. Mon rôle est de partager ce que j’ai appris des autres pilotes.

The questions in what to share are – is this useful? Does it work consistently? Have you had any success thus far in passing this along?

There is another question: is this true? That’s a much more difficult question. For that we have philosophy and the Scientific Method. Even there, though, truth is elusive. If you examine the Scientific Method, you might come away with the idea that it proves not what is true, but rather what works.

Let me give you an example from ground school – the textbooks give us four explanations for why we need right rudder in a climb in a single-engine airplane:

  • Torque

  • Gyroscopic effect

  • Spiral slipstream

  • P-factor

Are these all true? Are they all phenomena that exist?

Yes. But it is worth it to go back to those diagrams and ask some questions, paying particular attention to:

  • This would cause movement about which axis?

  • Is this a useful model for a pilot (does it predict exactly when I will need right rudder and how much?)

You will find that these explanations are all nice to know about. But they are not all equally useful. Gyroscopic effect, for example, is something you need to keep in mind if you are in a tailwheel aircraft and lifting the tail during the takeoff roll. With clockwise prop rotation the airplane will take a dart to the left – especially so if the prop is big and heavy, like on a WW2 fighter. This gyroscopic effect is the result of changing the axis of rotation of the prop, and is in addition to other factors doing the same thing, like a left crosswind or P-factor.

So your job as a pilot is to look through these diverse explanations to find what is useful for you, and in what situation it will be useful for you.

Donc mon rôle dans ces séminaires CPL/IFR est d’étendre et d’élargir votre répertoire d’outils et d’idées. Mon critère est toujours es-ce utile? Es-ce que ça me donne le moyens de faire plus précis mon pilotage?

Je vous remercie tous de votre participation et de vos contributions.

À vendredi !




In accordance with Quebec and Transport Canada guidelines for non-essential enterprises, Aéroclub de Longueuil will remain closed until further notice.

The good news is that following a meeting of the club directors on Saturday, May 2, procedures relative to COVID-19 will be developed and readied for approval by Transport Canada. In this way the club can more rapidly return to normal once flight schools have permission to re-open.


Conformément aux conseils du Gouvernement du Québec et Transport Canada pour les entreprises non essentielles, Aéroclub de Longueuil sera fermé jusqu’au nouvel ordre.

La bonne nouvelle c’est que, suite au réunion de la direction du club samedi 02 mai, des procédures pour le COVID vont être préparées pour vérification par Transport Canada. De cette façon l’ouverture du club sera plus rapide une fois les Unités de Formation au Pilotage auront la permission.

Closed/Fermé jusqu’au 4 mai

Extension of Closure

Following today’s guidelines from the Government of Quebec, Aéroclub de Longueuil will extend its shutdown until May.

May 4 will be the earliest date to resume flights.

Prolongation de Fermeture

Selon les conseils du gouvernement du Quebec, on va prolonger la fermeture de l’Aéroclub de Longueuil jusqu’au mois de mai.

Donc le 4 mai sera le plus tôt pour réserver un vol.

Temporary Closure – to April 15

Temporary Closure

Following the guidelines of the Government of Quebec, Aéroclub de Longueuil will cease all operations for a period of at least three weeks. April 15 will be the earliest date to resume flights.

Because Pascan Aviation has cut back its own operations in face of the virus, our pilots will be limited in their access to the facilities.

The good news is that 100 LL will be available when we return to operations.

Fermeture Temporaire

Selon les conseils du gouvernement du Quebec, Aéroclub de Longueuil va cesser tout vol durant les prochains (au moins) trois semaines. Donc le 15 avril sera le plus tôt pour réserver un vol.

Pascan Aviation aussi va fonctionner à effectifs très réduits, soit :

Heures de rampe pour avitaillement:

·         Lundi au vendredi : 05h00-21H00 (1 seul agent de rampe le jour et 1 seul le soir)

·         Weekend : aucun agent de rampe donc aucun avitaillement possible

La bonne nouvelle est que le 100 LL est de retour chez Pascan.

COVID-19 Guidance 2

Status Awareness

Today Montreal opened a new testing station at de Maisonneuve and St. Urbain, tripling the number of tests possible per day.

This will mean a spike in new cases – not because there is necessarily a spike in new transmissions now, but because there was a week ago and we didn’t know it.

So don’t panic – but maintain your awareness. Here is a site that can keep you up-to-date daily. It only takes a few seconds to look at the numbers – and most important at the curve of the graph, to see if it is levelling off:

Quebec COVID-19 Graph and Map

It is worth repeating that any one of us can be a vector for the disease without realizing it, because newly infected persons are sub-clinical (have no symptoms) for a week, but can still infect others during that time.

Today it was revealed that down south a senator got tested, but behaved as though he knew he wasn’t positive. He only started limiting contact with others after he learned he was positive for COVID-19. This is a perfect example of how NOT to behave.

Together, let’s live up to our responsibility to others. Let’s do all we can to limit the spread of this disease.

But our friends and neighbours are doing good things. One of the best things we can do is to recognize each others’ acts of kindness.

La Conscience de la Situation

Ce matin une première clinique sans rendez-vous de dépistage de la COVID-19 est ouverte au centre-ville de Montréal. Le nombre d’analyses par jour possible est maintenant trois fois celui d’hier.

Mais la panique, qui a fameusement dit notre <fonctionnaire choc>, n’est pas une bonne conseillère.

Voici un site ou vous pouvez vite vous mettre à jour:

Quebec COVID-19 Graph and Map

Un excellent éditorial aujourd’hui dans La Presse/Débats, par Paul Journet :

Ce n’était pas un cygne noir

A la fin il cite Albert Camus, La Peste. Ça vaut bien un coup d’oeil.

Ensemble, vivons notre responsabilité collective par rapport aux autres. Que nous fassions notre possible pour contenir le virus.

Mais à la fin nos concitoyens, nos voisins, et nos amis font du bien. Que nous nous reconnaissions quand ça se fait!

CLASS of 11 Feb 2020

Hello All,

The links to the practice exam (TP 13014) are on stilllearningtofly.org under PPL Timeline and References.  Please print out a copy in the language of your choice. We will start the class Tuesday with a brief look at the first 10 questions.
Then we will look at how to actually fly a cross-country flight. What is Navigation, anyway?
See you Tuesday,